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In order to maintain great-looking flower and shrub beds, you need to have a good layer of mulch. Mulch helps reduce weed growth, maintain root hydration, and curb erosion. There are lots of different options when it comes to mulch. We are happy to discuss any preferences you might have.
Pine Straw the choice for Jackson, Madison, and Brandon Mississippi

Pine straw is by far the most popular mulch in Central Mississippi. This is due to its abundance, affordable price point, and great coverage. If you are looking for an affordable great looking mulch, look no further. CMH Landscaping can provide you with a free quote no matter your mulching needs.
The colors abound

Although pine straw is the most prevalent mulch in the Jackson metro area, there are still plenty of other options. If you are looking to make your yard stand out, talk with us about using bark, wood chips, gravel, rocks instead of pine straw. No matter what look you are going for, we are here to help.


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