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Everyone wants to have an amazing-looking yard, but it takes experience to pick the best flowers and plants to keep your Jackson, Mississippi yard looking pristine year-round. Add some color with Azaleas, Roses, Hydrangeas, or Crape Myrtles. No matter what your vision is CMH Landscaping can help make it a reality. We are happy to clean up old beds or help you plant new ones.

We care about appearances

We understand your yard is a reflection of you and will work with you to create a great-looking yard within your budget. We can also handle the removal and disposal of old shrubs or just work to clean up what you have to get the most out of it.

Spring is here time to get ready!

Spring is the perfect time to make those long-desired changes to your yard. Planting in spring gives your new plants time to get deeply rooted before the long hot days of summer. We can work with you on new plants any time of year, but spring provides you a lot of additional options.


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